Day 11


Behöver jag säga nått mer? Ja, det behöver jag. Det finns så sjuk många. En eller några andra favoriter är

"I used to think you were like me. You were attracted to the darkness. But, Tate you are the darkness."

"The Indians believed that blood holds all the bad spirits, they would cut themselves once a month in ceremonies, let the spirits go free. There’s something smart about that. Very smart. I like that."

"Something has changed in you. Towards me. You're distant, cold. I don't know what I've done, but I'll leave you alone from now on if that's what you want. Is that what you want? You know why I'd leave you alone? Because I care about your feelings more than mine. I love you. There I said it, not just on some chalkboard. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I've never felt that way about anyone."

"You took so many, Violet. You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died... loved."


New header.

Made a new header little quick. Here is the result
If you can't see it, press F5!

Study time. Math.

Mean girls

Me and my sister saw Mean Girls earlier. That movie never gets old. Lol. I brought some candy. Nomnomnom.

Not everyone can say that they shared bed with Justin

Just got up from bed (that was hard) & are going down for some breakfast. I finished clening yesterday and today I'm going to study and do a wall-makeover. I think I really need to do that. I got new stuff to put up on the wall and some posters on the wall are broken. (Hate my little sister for that..) Btw, I like my new cleaned bed ;)
Really hot, huh? ;)

Day 10


Den här var inte direkt svår. Allt som har med det wako monstret får mig att rysa, men vidrigaste scenen är den här.


I just made myself lunch and now I'll continue to clean my room. Boring but necessary.
Really yummy!


It was a very beautiful funeral yesterday. Afterwards they served food and it was very nice. On the way home we stopped at Ica Maxi to buy some stuff. We found the movie Shutter Island there. I've already seen it but the rest of the family were curious about it. Then we went home and made ​​dinner and watched Shutter Island. It was better than I remembered. I was dead tired after so I went straight to bed.


Listening to Jedward and cleaning my room. Only 11 days left!

Morning (Fred/George voice)

I'm not going to school today because my family are going to a funeral. I'll be back in the afternoon. Time to take a shower. See you later.
It has been snowing tonight.

Day 9


Jag väljer scenerna från när familjen Langdon bodde i huset. Det är inte just en specifik flashback men jag tycker att alla dom är intressanta.

Kick Ass

Me and my sister made some chocolateballs and decided that we should watch Kick Ass. I've seen it before but I didn't know that Evan Peters where in it then. ;)
Going to bed now, see ya'll tomorrow. Night.

Day 8


Den här är också svår. För det är så många jag önskar att de inte dog. Men den jag vart mest chockad över var Violet. Det var hemskt. Jag ville verkligen inte att hon skulle dö och det kändes så konstigt när man fick veta att hon var det.

Things that would love to live in my wardrobe from

A fan video I made for Tate & Violet :) Violate ♥

Day 7


Finns ju så många scener så det är skapligt svårt att välja en, men en av mina favoriter är faktiskt den först scenen i hela serien. När Addy står utanför huset och tvillingarna kommer och ja, hela den scenen. Det är underligt för jag har kollat på den flera gånger bara för att jag gillar den så mycket. Yeah I'm inzayn. Lol.


I'm so tired. Just want to sleep, but I can't. School have been pretty calm today. But I feel like I never want to go there again. I'm too "school tired". It's day like this when you miss summer. Hope it's not too far away.

Photo lessons.

Later when I go 3 year of high school we can choose something that's called individual choices. That means that I can choose which course I want, to learn. I think I should choose Photo cause I want to learn more about it and how to use it better and stuff. School maybe isn't that bad at when it comes a around ;)

Day 6


I think the Black Dahlia murder is the most interesting murder in the house. It's based on the real Black Dahlia murder.


Me today!

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